Join the Campaign to Draft Jay Leno as a Presidential Candidate!
Jay Leno would make a much better president than any Democratic or Republican candidate. That's why millions have joined the grassroots campaign to draft Jay as a presidential candidate.

Jay’s got what no other candidate can offer, the ability to make people laugh. His humor and insights on important issues show that Jay has the understanding, intelligence, and compassion to help Americans feel great about their country and themselves.

So join us and help draft Jay
Leno as our presidential candidate.

Donation-less Campaign Saves Jay Supporters $4,600 Each

While Jay Leno's Republican and Democratic challengers continue to squeeze their supporters dry to fund multi-million dollar campaign war chests, the Jay Leno for President campaign is saving its supporters $4,600 each.

According to federal campaign laws, individuals may contribute up to $4,600 to a presidential candidate (with a maximum of $2,300 going to the primary election and $2,300 to the general election). By running a donation-less campaign, in which no money will be raised or spent to get Jay elected president, his supporters enjoy what other candidates' backers are sorely missing: The financial windfall of not having to contribute a dime to an election campaign.

"Our donation-less campaign is the first time in America presidential politics that supporters save money before their candidate even gets elected," said Howard Lester, chairman of the Jay Leno for President campaign. "Every candidate says they'll save people money with tax cuts and other empty promises, if they're ever elected. Meanwhile, they're costing their supporters thousands of dollars each with absolutely no guarantee they can even win. It costs Jay Leno's supporters nothing to back their candidate. That's something we can all be proud of."

The credo of the Jay Leno for President campaign is: We're out to raise consciousness, not money. For that simple reason alone, there's no "Donation" button on this site, nor any vehicle whatsoever for collecting or disbursing campaign funds. In fact, after nearly three months, and millions of supporters, our campaign war chest is still bone dry.

Of course, it would be a cinch for Jay to raise money, if and when he finds out about the Jay Leno for President campaign. He knows lots of rich people. But, if he's the kind of candidate we know he is, and if he knows we're the kind of supporters we know he knows we are, when he finally declares his candidacy, we're certain of one thing: Jay'll will want to continue the strategy of building support without relying on money to do it.

That simple, humble quality of Jay Leno, the man, will make him shine even brighter as a presidential candidate in the hearts and minds of American voters.

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