Join the Campaign to Draft Jay Leno as a Presidential Candidate!
Jay Leno would make a much better president than any Democratic or Republican candidate. That's why millions have joined the grassroots campaign to draft Jay as a presidential candidate.

Jay’s got what no other candidate can offer, the ability to make people laugh. His humor and insights on important issues show that Jay has the understanding, intelligence, and compassion to help Americans feel great about their country and themselves.

So join us and help draft Jay
Leno as our presidential candidate.

"Draft Jay Leno" Rally Draws Crowd of 225,000 Supporters

A crowd estimated at more than 225,000 people gathered early Monday afternoon in a spontaneous rally of support for the Jay Leno for President campaign. The mostly sunny afternoon provided the perfect backdrop for the speakers and rock bands who entertained the crowd while they waited patiently for Jay's appearance at the rally. Many in attendance believed that Jay would use the event to formally declare his candidacy for the presidential race. Rumors that "Jay might show up" circulated among the crowd throughout the day.

The impromptu gathering of nearly a quarter-million supporters surprised many, but Jay Leno for President campaign chairman Howard Lester seemed to take it in stride. "We knew if we mentioned it a couple times to a handful of people, word would spread quickly," Lester said. "People are so interested in Jay Leno as a potential candidate and are so eager to draft him into the presidential race that everybody would naturally want to be there. I'm just glad so many people came out."

Crowd control experts agreed that the conflagration of Jay's supporters was the largest political rally in the city's long and colorful history. "Every presidential candidate comes here to rally support, but no one's ever drawn this many people," remarked one expert who had observed the extremely well-behaved, good-looking crowd. "The largest rally we've had up to now is when Hillary Clinton came to town, and I don't think she drew more than about fifteen hundred people."

The "Let's Draft Jay Leno for President" rally, as it rapidly became known, was a family-oriented, multi-ethnic, inter-cultural, and environmentally-friendly event that seemed to thrill everyone who took the afternoon off to attend. "I love it," said a smiling mother of three, "and so do my kids. Where else can you find so many nice, friendly people in one place on a Monday afternoon. It's because of Jay, you know, he brings out the best in everybody. Don't you think so?"

"The minute we found out about this, we canceled our annual board meeting and asked all of our shareholders to come join us at the rally instead," remarked the CEO of a Fortune 500 company who asked to remain anonymous. "That turned out to be one of the best business decisions we've made all year. I mean, look at what a great time everyone's having. And the best part about it is that no one is hitting us up for campaign donations. Can you believe it? The Jay Leno for President campaign is a donation-less! Well, he's got my vote, that is, if he runs."

"There's no place we'd rather be," said one college student who marched around the rally with several other coeds carrying a homemade sign written on a bed-sheet that read "All the Way with Jay!"

As the afternoon went on, some people were curious whether Jay Leno was aware of the rally and whether he planned to attend. "We figure, sooner or later, someone will tell Jay about it," said chairman Lester during the rally, "or he'll see it on TV. Either way, it's hard to ignore such an outpouring of support, especially when most presidential candidates would gladly cut off their right arms to be able to raise a crowd half this size. But we know Jay's a smart guy and he doesn't do anything without careful thought. So, if he doesn't show up, we're sure it's all just part of his brilliant strategy for when, where, and how to make his formal announcement to run for president."

Jay's strategy seemed to be working once again Monday afternoon. Amid chants of "Where's Jay?" and "Is Jay Going to Show Up or What?", the massive crowd was finally informed by campaign officials late in the afternoon that Jay Leno still hadn't acknowledged the campaign and probably would not show up. A collective sigh of disappointment went up from the crowd, but nobody seemed to take Jay's non-appearance personally.

In fact, people who'd spent as many as seven hours at the rally waiting for Jay seemed quite upbeat about it all. "Really, I had a great time," said one rally-goer as she helped pick up trash on her way out of the gathering, "and even though I would have liked to hear Jay say he's running for president in person, I'm sure he'll get to it when the time is right."

Others calmly exited the large rally sharing much the same sentiment. One twenty-something attendee summed it up by saying, "We were like oh, no, Jay's not coming, but then we were like that's okay, we'll just get some ice cream and watch him on The Tonight Show!' And everyone else was like yeah, great idea, let's go to Krogers!"

Given the success of Monday's rally, the Jay Leno for President campaign organizers are considering other rallies in the coming weeks. Perhaps simultaneous events in several cities around the country. Said campaign chairman Howard Lester, "Hey, we put this rally together in less than twelve hours with a just few announcements on the website. Imagine how many people would turn out if we gave them two or three days notice."
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Media Clamors to Report Jay's Announcement

Hundreds of reporters gathered yesterday in a posh meeting room of the Beverly Hilton Hotel eagerly awaiting Jay's announcement that he will run for president. Most of them had waited for several hours, passing the time by drinking coffee from silver coffee urns, playing cards on the floor, and chatting with fellow media colleagues.Said one well-known television network newsman, "Though we weren't sure whether Jay would even show up, we certainly didn't want to miss reporting this, so we brought camera, sound, and a satellite link just in case. If he does announce his candidacy, we want to be the first, or, at least, second or third to report it to the nation."

For weeks, Jay Leno for President campaign supporters have been anticipating an announcement from Jay about his candidacy. "He hasn't acknowledged the existence of the campaign yet," said campaign chairman, Howard Lester, "but we're confident it's part of Jay's overall strategy to make sure he's on top of the heap before declaring he's running. Grassroots support at the Jay Leno for President campaign has been so enormous, it shouldn't be long before he's on top, so the wait is well worth it."

There was no indication from Jay Leno, The Tonight Show, or NBC that Jay would attend the gathering of reporters at the Beverly Hilton, nor that he would use the news conference to formally state his intentions to run for president in the 2008 race. However, political insiders believed the timing of the news conference was just right, and, as word spread rapidly among local and national news media, the rush was on to get the story.

"This may be the biggest scoop of my career," said one nationally syndicated columnist who declined to be identified. "I mean, how often does this kind of thing happen? And, besides, even if Jay doesn't show up, I still would have won sixty bucks in poker from the guys at CNN ."

While reporters were waiting for Jay to appear, most coverage of other 2008 presidential candidates in the Los Angeles area went unreported. Few reporters in the room were aware of (and even fewer were concerned about) a cross-town speech on the fiscal responsibility that was being delivered by John Edwards to the National Association of Hairdressers.

Said one veteran newswoman, who has covered many presidential campaigns, "John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Barack Obama are all old news by this point. We all know exactly where they stand on the issues. It's just more blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda. Hell, I could report accurately on Edwards' speech without even being there. But Jay Leno running for president? Now that's news!"

By 11:00 PM (PST), it was clear that Jay wasn't going to be addressing the news conference and most of the reporters left for the day. Few seemed disappointed, however. One camera operator for a cable news station was heard to remark, "We don't mind the wait, we're getting paid either way. Besides, it's Jay Leno and he's definitely worth waiting for, whether he shows up or not."

One correspondent for the New York Times summed up the event by saying, "Even though Jay didn't show, he's still the most interesting potential candidate out there. You think these news guys would wait thirteen hours for Rudy or Hillary? Half-hour, maybe forty-five minutes tops, then gone. But everybody loves Jay. So, if we don't see him here at the news conference, we'll see him tonight on The Tonight Show. Either way, it's a win-win situation."
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Support from the Right Bolsters Campaign

An unexpected comment from a prominent right wing politician has bolstered the Jay Leno for President campaign and may become the catalyst for cross-over support from the right.

"It's possible, just possible, that Jay Leno could garner support from the right wings of both the Republican and Democratic parties," said the politician, who refused to be identified during his call into a popular AM radio talk show. "If he takes the edge off the abortion and gun control jokes in his monologue, he could really sway lots of the right wing faithful to his campaign."

Jay Leno for President campaign officials were surprised by the comment, especially from such a well-known leader of the right. Though they're not sure exactly who it is, most believe it is someone pretty important.

According to campaign chairman, Howard Lester, "We've analyzed the voice over and over, and we've got it narrowed down to a few likely people. But until we know for certain, we'll just assume that whoever it is knows what he's talking about and is simply expressing the sentiment shared by everyone on the right. In any case, it's a great boost for the campaign and should be helpful in convincing Jay that support for him is strong, so he needs to declare his candidacy as soon as possible."

To date, Jay Leno has not acknowledged that he's running for president, nor has he contacted the Jay Leno for President campaign to endorse it's efforts. That fact, however, has not dampened the unbridled enthusiasm of his supporters. Said one eager grassrooter, "I'll like Jay whether he let's us draft him for president or not. But, like, he'd really make a good president, you know?"

Campaign organizers are confident that prominent support from the left will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.
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Campaign Fundraising Report: Update

The Jay Leno for President campaign is right on track to position our candidate strongly for his 2008 presidential bid.

To date, the grassroots campaign has exceeded its initial goal of raising support for Jay's candidacy without raising any money or in-kind donations from political action committees.

"Our approach from the beginning was to get Jay elected president without spending a single pennny," said campaign chairman, Howard Lester. "While the other candidates raise and spend tens of millions of dollars to bamboozle the American electorate, our approach takes a man of impeccable integrity, who's already known and loved by millions, and simply puts him out there as the only logical choice for president. Who needs to spend money to do that?"

An unaudited financial analysis of the Jay Leno for President campaign conducted last week confirmed that the campaign has raised $0 and has spent the same on all efforts to date.

Political analysts and campaign think-tanks for both parties remain baffled by the viability of the Jay Leno for President campaign. Said one undisclosed expert, "How can his [Jay's] campaign continue to grow without raising or spending money? They gotta be doing something!"

Indeed we are. At the Jay Leno for President campaign, we're not raising money, we're raising consciousness. Simple word of mouth and millions of internet exchanges between ordinary Americans will do what all the money in the world can't do: Get an honest, funny man elected president.
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Jay's "Lenonomics" Platform

In response to his Democratic and Republican challengers, the Jay Leno for President campaign has begun drafting Jay's economics platform from which his positions on the economy will be launched. Labeled "Lenonomics", the platform will compete head-to-head with Obamanomics, Clintonomics, Bidenomics, Thompsonomics, McCainomics, and other "-onomics" flipantly tacked onto candidate names.

"Fortunately for Jay, his name last name ends in an 'o' and allows 'nomics' to be added effortlessly," said campaign chaiman, Howard Lester. "I can't imagine how you'd add it to Giuliani, Huckabee, or Kucinich."

The apparent similarity between "Lenonomics" and "Leninomics" or "Lennonomics" was carefully considered by economic advisors to the Jay Leno for President campaign. "We certainly don't want voters to think Jay is basing his economic platform on the ideals of Vladimir Lenin or John Lennon. But since most Americans are not burdened by knowledge Lenin's or Lennon's writings, people will just think Lenonomics is brand new."

Though the planks of the Lenonomics platform are still under development, campaign officials promise Jay Leno will have a clear-cut position on the economy and all of the important presidential campaign issues if and when he finds out he's a candidate. Until then, he'll continue to joke about it as usual on the Tonight Show.

The Jay Leno for President campaign offered supporters a quick glimpse of the formula on which the Lenonomics platform will be based. Suggestions from other economics experts are being warmly received.
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Jay's Position on the War in Iraq?

Among the hundreds of e-mails received daily by the Jay Leno for President campaign, many have inquired about Jay's position on the war in Iraq. Because it has become a major presidential campaign issue for Democrats and Republicans alike, people are naturally wondering where Jay stands on the issue.

It's clear that the war is of concern to Jay. Night after night, he finds clever ways to comment on it in his monologue. If it's not a direct quip about Iraq, Jay's comments about President Bush's ineptitude and other politicians' support of or opposition to the war give most viewers a pretty clear indication of how Jay feels about it. His uncanny ability to help people find something to laugh about in the midst of such a despicable situation goes to the very heart of why we need Jay to run for president.

As for a formal position on the war, it looks like Jay is biding his time. He appears to be waiting for other presidential candidates to finish making total idiots of themselves trying to find a reasonable stand on this slippery issue. Once the "waffle factor" has been established for each of the major candidates, and their meaningless soundbites have finished anesthestizing American voters, the time will be right for Jay to let the nation know how he feels about the war in Iraq. We're confident that Jay's response will be well worth waiting for.

To date, Jay has not yet announced his candidacy or acknowledged the existence of the Jay Leno for President campaign. This appears to be part of a brilliant strategy on Jay's part to allow the support for drafting him to reach such a fevered pitch that he'll have no choice but to run (or else let down tens of millions of supporters). We'll continue to encourage support of Jay Leno as a viable presidential candidate and will track the growing juggernaut on this site.
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Global Warming Spurs Jay's Grassroots Support

Global warming has become a critical national issue, yet few presidential candidates have been able to use it to mobilize their supporters beyond the level of mild concern. However, at the Jay Leno for President campaign, it is global warming itself that has ignited a terrific surge in grassroots support.

That's because as temperatures rise or heavier rains fall or bigger twisters wind their way across the country, more and more Americans are staying inside to watch The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In their refuge from the ravages of global warming, people are being comforted, soothed, and "warmed by Jay's endless humor and wit. And millions are starting to realize that Jay Leno would make a better president than any other candidate.

Even as Al Gore was predicting that global warming would accelerate plant growth, the grassroots of the Jay Leno for President campaign were also responding to the change in political climate. Though Jay hasn't yet announced he's running or acknowledged this campaign, it's clear that a lot of people want him to do so. Global warming is a "right now" issue, and so is the need for Jay to run for president.

"It makes sense to me," said one campaign supporter, "that Jay should rise to challenge and help direct America to the answers it needs. Who better to address crucial issues, like global warming, than America's favorite late night host?"

Other supporters seem to agree as the word spreads far and wide about the Jay Leno for President campaign. "It's certainly the talk around the water-cooler," said another grassrooter, "even though these days it's really the coffee machine everyone's gathered around. I mean, who's drinking water anymore? Unless you want to count those people who are trying to cut down on their caffine, and even they're drinking juice or some kind of energy drink. Me? I usually stop off at Starbucks for a double mocha non-fat latte with extra foam."

Back to global warming. It's time for Jay to grab the steering wheel of this campaign juggernaut and point this country in the right direction. Don't you agree?
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Keep the Whoopee Cushion for Barack!

NBC's alleged decision to remove the whoopee cushion bit originally planned for Barack Obama's next appearance on The Tonight Show is a mistake. And though we normally don't openly criticize Jay Leno's employer, we must appeal to their sense of fun and fairness.

The time-honored tradition of producing a fart sound to make people laugh is probably the only thing that will redeem Barack in the minds of Jay's viewers. Obama's last visit was a largely forgettable affair. Despite Jay's valiant efforts to find a sustainable punchline within Obama's veneer, more than a few bored viewers clicked over to CBS in the hopes Dave might be doing something funnier to Hillary. Unfortunately, not even Dave can make Hillary funny.

A well positioned whoopee cushion, strategically placed in Jay's guest couch, would elicit the kind merriment that viewers dream of. All Jay would have to do, after introducing Obama, is to keep candidate standing for a few seconds while the applause quiets down, then, in the silence, invite Barack to take a seat....PFWEEEWWTT!

Wait, wait!!! BARACK! sounds more like a fart than PFWEEEWWTT! Ah, the laughs are sooooo built-in. If only NBC could see it that way.

It's about time NBC and the other major networks allow ordinary viewers the opportunity to hear the bodily noises of key political candidates. It humanizes them and brings them down to a level to which we can all relate. You think Jay wouldn't fart if it could get him a few extra laughs? Of course he would! And that's what separates our man from the rest. So, reconsider, NBC, reconsider!
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Campaign Moves Into High Gear

The Jay Leno for President campaign announced today that it has moved into high gear.

"Fourteen months isn't very much time to get ready," said Howard Lester, chairman of the Jay Leno for President campaign. "I mean, the sheer number of candidates in the race is going to keep Jay's team of writers at NBC busy day and night until at least November 2008."

Support for Jay has been running high. The numbers are impressive. To date, there have been nearly 60 billion visits logged at websites related to entertainment or politics, the two cornerstones of the Jay Leno for President campaign.

Experts seem to agree. Said one unidentified expert, "Given Jay's undisputed popularity as the leader of late night hosts, it's only natural that people would support him as a presidential candidate. In my uninformed opinion, Jay's going to be the man to beat."

Candidates from both parties, wrapped up in their own self-absorbed presidential ambitions, aren't paying much attention to Jay's campaign.

"They [Jay's challengers] are appearing on his show as if absolutely nothing's going on," said one obscure political analyst, "and that's a big mistake for them. The more they talk about their own campaigns on Jay's show, the more people will realize that Jay Leno is the only logical choice for president."

Today's "high gear" announcement by the Jay Leno for President campaign follows last week's announcement that the campaign had moved into second gear. Keeping with Jay's love of cars, campaign officials told supporters that all future announcements will be based upon the same automobile metaphors to help keep the campaign in-tune and revved-up.
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With No Knowledge of Campaign, Jay Leno Still Leads the 2008 Field

With absolutely no acknowledgement of the campaign that wants to draft him as a presidential candidate, Jay Leno is still leading the crowded field of candidates in the 2008 race for president.

According to Jay Leno for President campaign chairman Howard Lester, Jay's lead over Republican and Democratic hopefuls has remained strong, even though it appears that Leno himself is unaware of the grassroots efforts to pursuade him to run for president. "We're pretty sure Jay still hasn't heard or read anything about this campaign," Lester said, "even though there are tens of millions of people who would like to see him run."

The fact that neither Jay Leno nor NBC has called or e-mailed campaign organizers appears of little consequence. "Actually, Jay's unawareness of the campaign may be helping his chances rather than hurting them," said one political insider. "He's so popular on the national scene, given half a chance, everyone would vote for him anyway. In Jay's case, playing 'hard-to-get' might turn out to be a very effective political strategy."

Whether Jay Leno's silence is part of a political strategy or not, the Jay Leno for President campaign is confident that they will hear from him. "Our phone number and e-mail address are posted on our website," said campaign chairman Lester, "so he'll know how to get in touch with us. When that happens, we'll let his supporters know and then we can really move this campaign into high gear."
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The Big Question: Is Campaign Obscurity Jay's Secret Weapon?

The relative obscurity of the Jay Leno for President campaign has resulted in a surprising upsurge of support among apathetic and uninformed voters. According to a recent survey, nearly 90% of all apathetic and uninformed voters who had not heard anything about the effort to draft Jay Leno as a presidential candidate say they would support Jay Leno if he runs for president.

"This may be the first time in American politics that an undeclared, unacknowledged candidate has actually gained support among voters who know nothing about the campaign itself," remarked one prominent political historian. "Obscure presidential campaigns have historically failed due to the accompanying lack of voter interest. But, for reasons I can't explain, in the Jay Leno for President campaign, obscurity seems to be having the exact opposite effect. It's actually sparking voter interest!"

Since its launch earlier this year, the Jay Leno for President campaign has remained largely obscured by the campaigns of the leading Republican and Democratic candidates. "While they've spent tens of millions of dollars, we haven't spent a dime," said Jay Leno for President campaign chairman Howard Lester, "yet the overwhelming support we've gained confirms what we've known all along: The less people know about our campaign, the more they want to support Jay Leno for president. I know it doesn't make sense, but the facts don't lie."

Some political observers believe that the explosive growth of the Jay Leno for President campaign can be attributed to a "boomerang" phenomenon created by the other presidential campaigns. Said one, "It appears that the harder the other candidates push their weak agendas and worn-out ideas on the American people, the more people resist it and they turn to other approaches, like the Jay Leno for President campaign. With that kind of boomerang effect, it's no wonder Jay's obscure campaign is generating such an incredible amount of support."

The current obscurity of the Jay Leno for President campaign is expected to lessen whenever Jay finally declares his candidacy, or, at least, acknowledges the existence of the campaign. "Until then, we'll be patient," said campaign chairman Lester. "Either way, we're gaining millions of supporters every week, some who know about the campaign and some who don't. So whenever Jay decides to make it official, he'll have a huge basis of support from which to launch his formal campaign for president."
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Stock Market Jumps After News of Jay Leno Campaign

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose sharply after the Jay Leno for President campaign reported that it was saving its supporters $4600 each.

The momentary spike in stock prices that occurred late Tuesday morning was initially attributed to favorable news from the Federal Reserve. But upon further analysis, it was discovered that the markets were instead reacting to an article posted at the Jay Leno for President website.

"We knew millions of people were visiting our site and becoming supporters of the campaign to draft Jay as a presidential candidate," said Jay Leno for President campaign chairman Howard Lester, "but no one expected that one article could impact the stock market so favorably. I guess it makes sense that people would be taking the money our campaign is saving them and investing it in the stock market. All in all, it's another boost for our campaign."

Stock market experts were quick to see the connection between the article and the sharp rise in stock prices. Said one prominent market watcher, "It's easy to see how that article influenced the stock market. It talked about how the Jay Leno for President campaign is saving every supporter $4600 because it's a donation-less campaign. So, instead of wasting that money on a meaningless presidential campaign, those same people have it on-hand to invest in the stock market."

Tuesday's jump in stock prices marks the first time in history that the stock market has responded to news about an undeclared presidential candidate. "We're pretty impressed," said campaign chairman Lester. "Jay hasn't even acknowledged that there's an effort to draft him, yet the financial markets are incredibly sensitive to everything coming out of the Jay Leno for President campaign. It just goes to show how popular the man is with American voters and it speaks well to his chances of actually being elected president."

Presidential candidates from both parties have remained silent on the issue of the Jay Leno for President campaign, though most political analysts view their silence as proof that they're very concerned. "Can you imagine how worried they all are about Jay Leno?" said one unidentified commentator. "Here's a guy who shakes the stock market with a simple article on the internet and he hasn't even declared he's running. America's never seen a non-candidate with that kind of influence. So, yes, the others running for president are worried, very worried."
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Hot Dog Eating Contests Creating Quite a Stir on the Campaign Trail

Hot dog eating contests are creating quite a stir along the presidential campaign trail these days. Major presidential hopefuls from both parties, clamoring for photo opportunities, have been spotted at several major contests over the past week, sparking speculation that the candidates are running out of mainstream supporters and are seeking fresh voters from whom they can leach campaign funds.

Jay Leno for President campaign chairman Howard Lester has been following this unusual development to gauge its impact on the campaign to draft Jay as a presidential candidate. "Frankly (no pun intended), this sudden candidate interest in hot dog eating contests looks like a good thing for our campaign," Lester said. "It just shows how desperate the Democrats and Republicans are getting in their quest for money. What they don't realize, and what I'm not going to tell them, is that Jay Leno actually enjoys a higher level of support among hot dog eaters than all of the presidential candidates put together."

A recent survey confirms what Jay Leno supporters have known for years: Hot dog eaters, both contestants and spectators, naturally love and support Jay Leno. The scientifically based survey, published in a leading journal, was conducted over a two-year period and randomly polled 5000 people. When asked who they think about most while eating a hot dog, more than 86% responded that they think of Jay Leno. Of the remaining 14%, only 6% said that they thought of any of the 2008 presidential candidates, with 4% of those saying they think of Dennis Kucinich.

Political analysts are baffled by the sudden interest in hot dog eating contests among the presidential candidates. Said one prominent analyst, "I simply cannot understand why Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, and the others are spending so much time and money attending these meaningless events. Don't they realize that Jay Leno has that segment of voters in his hip pocket?"

Jay Leno for President campaign supporters certainly realize it. Campaign organizers in at least seven states have invited frankfurter vendors to their rallies and Oscar Meyer's Weenermobile was recently spotted at a campaign picnic in Dubuque, Iowa. Unsolicited offers of free hot dogs for Jay Leno supporters have also come into campaign headquarters, but have been respectfully refused. "We've got to stay true to our campaign mission to raise consciousness, not money," campaign chairman Lester said, "and that goes for hot dogs, too."

To date, Jay Leno has not yet announced his candidacy for president, nor has he acknowledged the existence of the Jay Leno for President campaign. "We're still waiting for the 'go-ahead' from Jay Leno or NBC, and we really expect that any day now," said one senior campaign organizer. "Perhaps this whole hot dog thing will convince them that now's the time."
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Donation-less Campaign Saves Jay Supporters $4,600 Each

While Jay Leno's Republican and Democratic challengers continue to squeeze their supporters dry to fund multi-million dollar campaign war chests, the Jay Leno for President campaign is saving its supporters $4,600 each.

According to federal campaign laws, individuals may contribute up to $4,600 to a presidential candidate (with a maximum of $2,300 going to the primary election and $2,300 to the general election). By running a donation-less campaign, in which no money will be raised or spent to get Jay elected president, his supporters enjoy what other candidates' backers are sorely missing: The financial windfall of not having to contribute a dime to an election campaign.

"Our donation-less campaign is the first time in America presidential politics that supporters save money before their candidate even gets elected," said Howard Lester, chairman of the Jay Leno for President campaign. "Every candidate says they'll save people money with tax cuts and other empty promises, if they're ever elected. Meanwhile, they're costing their supporters thousands of dollars each with absolutely no guarantee they can even win. It costs Jay Leno's supporters nothing to back their candidate. That's something we can all be proud of."

The credo of the Jay Leno for President campaign is: We're out to raise consciousness, not money. For that simple reason alone, there's no "Donation" button on this site, nor any vehicle whatsoever for collecting or disbursing campaign funds. In fact, after nearly three months, and millions of supporters, our campaign war chest is still bone dry.

Of course, it would be a cinch for Jay to raise money, if and when he finds out about the Jay Leno for President campaign. He knows lots of rich people. But, if he's the kind of candidate we know he is, and if he knows we're the kind of supporters we know he knows we are, when he finally declares his candidacy, we're certain of one thing: Jay'll will want to continue the strategy of building support without relying on money to do it.

That simple, humble quality of Jay Leno, the man, will make him shine even brighter as a presidential candidate in the hearts and minds of American voters.
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Jay's Reaction to Rove's Resignation Seen as Politically Brilliant

In a brilliant political maneuver, Jay Leno reacted to President Bush’s announcement that his senior advisor, Karl Rove, will resign at the end of the month by airing a re-run of The Tonight Show Monday night.

Jay Leno for President campaign chairman Howard Lester said that NBC must be paying attention to the campaign to draft Jay as a presidential candidate, or they never would have responded as they did. "It's clear that the release of Rove's resignation was timed to take the focus off Bush's dismal handling of the war in Iraq and his failed domestic policy," Lester said. "While every presidential candidate and media outlet is busy feasting on the Rove story, no one's paying any attention to what a horrible president George Bush still is, with or without Rove's counsel. I'm glad Jay Leno and NBC did the right thing by not pandering to Bush's little ploy. Airing a re-run was the perfect response."

Political analysts, following both the Rove resignation story and Jay Leno's reaction to it, agree with the actions taken by NBC. "Airing a re-run on the same day as Rove's resignation announcement was the right thing to do," said one well-known analyst. It sends the right message at the right time."

"A pretty shrewd move by the Jay Leno folks," commented another political expert, "plus it gives the joke-writers a few more days to craft some real zingers."

Some Jay Leno for President campaign supporters see this latest response to current events by NBC as a sign that the network is warming to the idea of Jay becoming a presidential candidate. Said one grassroots supporter from Spokane, "NBC gotta get behind the Jay Leno for President campaign sooner or later. I mean, how can they ignore the fact that millions of people would rather have Jay as president than anyone else?"

Campaign chairman Lester sees all roads leading to an eventual declaration of candidacy by Jay Leno. "Though he still hasn't acknowledged the Jay Leno for President campaign," Lester said, "it's more obvious than ever that both Jay and NBC are paying a hell of a lot of attention to it. My guess is that they're just waiting until the right moment for Jay to make the announcement. Who knows, maybe it'll happen tonight!"
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Jay's "Cleavage" Sparks Little Controversy

Hillary's not the only one facing the cleavage issue. A letter received by the Jay Leno for President campaign contained a picture of Jay in an open shirt that sat low on his chest and had a subtle V-shape. "It's cleavage," the anonymous sender proclaimed, "not an unseemly amount, but there it is!"

Sure enough, under additional examination with a magnifying glass, Jay Leno for President organizers noticed a distinct plunging neckline that appeared to reveal the "fuller" portion of Jay's chest.

"We can't deny it," said Jay Leno for President campaign chairman Howard Lester, "because there it is. But to call it 'cleavage' on a man, especially on one with Jay's generally acceptable, yet impeccably attired, physique is really pushing it. I can't believe Jay's opponents are stooping so low as to poke fun at his anatomy. It just goes to show how worried they are about him possibly declaring that he's going to run for president."

Though Jay Leno himself has not publicly commented on the picture, many political experts agree that the photo might actually boost Jay's overall popularity. Said one prominent campaign analyst, "Jay's quiet aplomb in handling this 'cleavage' issue by not commenting on it, nor paying it any acknowledgement at all, is a strong reminder to people about the kind of candidate Jay Leno could be in this campaign. When Hillary finally confirmed to the public that she actually has boobs, it derailed her rhetoric for weeks. But, you've got to admit, that was better than having to listen to everything else she was saying."

Another political expert summed up the general mood of most Americans by saying, "Sooner or later Jay's going to make a quick joke about all this and the issue will evaporate completely. That's the difference between between Jay Leno and those other deadbeats."

Jay Leno for President campaign workers have been busy surfing the Internet non-stop since the anonymous letter arrived, searching for any other revealing or compromising pictures of Jay. "We don't want to be taken by surprise," remarked chairman Lester, "so we're gathering every sordid picture of Jay we can find, real or re-touched. Then, we'll take the initiative and publish them first to prove that, as a candidate, Jay will have nothing to hide and certainly nothing to be ashamed of showing in public."

Jay Leno has not yet acknowledged the existence of the campaign to draft him as a presidential candidate, but supporters are convinced that his silence is part of a brilliant personal strategy to enter the campaign at the very apex of his popularity. Campaign organizers are expecting contact from Jay Leno or NBC sometime within the next few weeks.
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Jay's Position on Energy, Environment Revealed in Popular Mechanics Article

Jay Leno's position on two key presidential campaign issues, energy and the environment, were revealed to the public in an article he wrote for the September 2007 issue of Popular Mechanics Magazine. His comments in PM's Jay's Green Garage series mark one of the few times during the campaign Jay has spoken out on the issues, sparking speculation that he may be inching closer to a formal declaration of his intention to run for president.

In the article entitled "Blowin' In The Wind," Jay demonstrated how he is leading by example, doing his part for energy conservation and the environment, by installing wind-driven turbines to generate electrical power for his garage near the San Gabriel mountains in California. The article gave PM readers and Jay Leno for President supporters a first-hand glimpse of Jay's personal commitment to solving this country's problems. It also shows the kind of leadership we can expect if this concerned and dedicated man becomes president.

"None of the other presidential candidates have put in wind-powered generators, super-efficient water heaters, or environmentally-friendly parts washers at their garages," remarked Jay Leno for President campaign chairman Howard Lester. "Jay's a man who's taking action on the environment and energy-conservation, he's not just talking about it. While Jay's spending tens of thousands of dollars of his own money at his facility to personally help improve the environment and cut energy consumption, Hillary, Mitt, Barack, and the others are busy spendings millions of dollars of other people's money to fund campaigns in which they just talk about it. So in a contest of talk versus action, doesn't that make Jay Leno the obvious choice?"

As the owner of a huge collection of classic and antique cars, Jay Leno has been a featured writer for Popular Mechanics, contributing his automotive views and ideas to millions of PM readers every month. Sharing his thoughts on the environment is nothing new for Jay. Several previous articles have detailed other initiatives Jay has taken at his large garage to do his part for the environment. But, the September PM article went further on the issue, an indication that Jay is sensitive to the feelings of his supporters and might soon accept their draft of him as a presidential candidate.

Acknowledging that there are people who believe in doing something about global warming and those who don't, Jay's own efforts with generating wind-powered electricity provide a solution that's good for both. Jay said it best in the PM article: "Either way, you're doing a good thing: Saving the environment and striving to be more self-sufficient, which is an important goal for all Americans."
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Campaign Seeks Letterman's Endorsement

In a bold and unprecedented political move, the Jay Leno for President campaign is seeking the endorsement of Jay's candidacy from David Letterman. After the post The 10 Top Reasons Letterman Should Support Jay's Bid appeared recently, the overwhelmingly positive feedback from supporters immediately caught the attention of campaign organizers.

"There's no doubt that an endorsement from Jay's late night rival could add a terrific boost to our campaign," said Jay Leno for President campaign chairman, Howard L. "Dave's got everything to gain and nothing to lose by lending his support to Jay's bid for the White House. It would be good for the country and good for comedy. Who knows, it might even land Dave a Cabinet post, like Secretary of Defense, or some other token of appreciation."

The Jay Leno for President campaign is "pulling out all the stops" to obtain David Letterman's endorsement. E-mails have been sent, voice-mails left, and a few idle grassroot supporters are hanging around the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York in the hopes of running into the affable host of The Late Show.

"Neither David Letterman nor his representatives at CBS have stopped to talk to us yet," said one of the grassroooters from his lawn chair in front of The Late Show's Broadway venue. "But that's okay because we don't have anything else to do anyway."

Most political experts believe that it's just a matter of time until Jay acknowledges the existence of the Jay Leno for President campaign and formally declares his candidacy. They also predict that David Letterman's endorsement will follow shortly thereafter, along with endorsements from other late night talk show hosts.

Efforts are also underway to obtain the endorsement of radio talk-show host, Larry King, though none of the campaign organizers will openly admit to it.
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SiCKO Health Care Card Draws Speculation About Jay's Healthcare Platform

Jay Leno's acceptance of a large SiCKO Health Care Card from independent film maker Michael Moore has generated considerable speculation about Jay's possible health care platform when and if he decides to run for president.

Jay received the SiCKO card during Michael Moore's appearance on The Tonight Show last week. NBC allocated a large part of the show to Jay's interview with Moore about his wildly popular new film, SiCKO, a documentary about the problems of America's health care system.

Through a series of in-depth questions, Jay Leno demonstrated his considerable grasp of entire health care debate. Many believe his mastery of this highly complex campaign issue is indicative of Jay's broader desire to personally do something about it, like run for president.

"It's clear to us that Jay Leno is concerned about the health care crisis that exists in this country today," said Jay Leno for President campaign chairman Howard Lester. "Look at how deftly he interviewed Michael Moore. And this isn't the first time Jay positioned himself on the issue. Why, the last time Moore was on his show, Jay offered a poignant personal story about the medical care received by his mother-in-law. How much more do a Americans need to know about Jay Leno's position on healthcare? None of the Democratic or Republican presidential candidates can touch the hem of Jay's pants on this issue."

During his Tonight Show interview last week, Moore encouraged viewers to obtain the SiCKO Health Care Card and use it whenever problems occur with insurance companies, doctors, or hospitals. "Anytime they give you any grief, your insurance company, whatever, you just whip this [card] out and say, 'how would you like to Michal Moore's next movie or on the DVD of SiCKO?' And if you're denied coverage, it'll provide coverage in a Michael Moore film."
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Obama Calls for a Leader Like Jay Leno

Some might call it a "backdoor" endorsement, but Barack Obama's call for a leader who can unite the country seems to point directly to Jay Leno.

Speaking at the College Democrats of America convention at the University of South Carolina, Obama said, "The experience we need in the next president is the ability to bring this country together." Obama supporters assumed he was talking about himself, but most political analysts say the remark was referring to abilities of Jay Leno.

"It's clear that Obama was talking about Jay Leno as the 'uniter' America needs in the White House," said one long-time observer. "Nothing unites us better as a nation than simple laughter, and Jay's been doing that night after night for fifteen years on The Tonight Show. How long as Obama been in the public spotlight, a few years? And when did he ever make anyone laugh?"

Is Jay Leno really the uniter Obama was referring to? Jay Leno for President campaign chairman Howard Lester thinks so, though Obama might not have realized it when he said it. "It's like I've said all along," Lester remarked, "the more these candidates say about what America needs in a president, the more they're endorsing the kind of qualities we all know Jay Leno can bring to the White House. In any side-by-side comparison of Jay to the presidential candidates out there, Jay wins hands-down in the areas of integrity, compassion, intelligence, honesty, and, most importantly, likeability. What more could we as Americans ask for?"

Though Jay Leno has not yet acknowledged the Jay Leno for President campaign, nor has his staff or NBC confirmed his intentions to run for president, most grassroots supporters believe he will ultimately allow himself to be drafted as a presidential candidate. Said campaign chairman Lester, "The Obama remarks are great for our campaign because they add further credence to the idea of Jay Leno as a presidential candidate. I'm confident Jay and the folks at NBC are taking note on the impact our grassroots campaign is having on the 2008 presidential race. I think we'll be hearing from them soon."

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Jimmy Kimmel as Jay's VP? Hmmm....

A recent e-mail received by the Jay Leno for President campaign caught the attention of campaign organizers and prompted lively discussion about the possibility of Jimmy Kimmel as a vice presidential running-mate whenever Jay formally enters the race for the White House.

The short e-mail message, from confirmed Jay Leno for President supporter James K., suggested that Kimmel would make an excellent vice presidential candidate and would only strengthen a campaign that many have labeled a "juggernaut" of grassroots support.

"It's an interesting idea," remarked Jay Leno for President campaign chairman Howard Lester. "Jimmy's gotten so popular over such a short period of time, he might be good for the job. He's bright, witty, and funny, the kind of attributes Americans want in their elected leaders, but have never gotten. He obviously doesn't have the depth of experience that Jay has, but by working under Jay, he'd only get better."

A leading political analyst agrees: "Vice presidents don't have very much to do on a daily basis, so Kimmel would have plenty of time to polish his skills as viable back-up to Jay Leno. Were something to happen to Jay while he's president, such as a Las Vegas showdate, Jimmy could probably step right in and handle things until Jay returned. Jimmy Kimmel as vice president really isn't such a bad idea."

Though Jay Leno has not yet acknowledged the growing campaign to draft him as a presidential candidate, interest in Jimmy Kimmel as a vice presidential candidate on a Jay ticket could get his attention. As Howard Lester points out, "Once Jimmy starts talking about this on ABC, the folks at NBC are sure to take notice. Then, it's only a matter of time until they let Jay know about it and we'll be in business."
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The Top Ten Reasons Letterman Should Support Jay's Bid

Listen up Dave Letterman. Here are tonight's top ten reasons why you should support Jay Leno's bid for president:

10. Every vote for Leno puts Conan O'Brien further behind the eight-ball.

9. Once Jay's gone, Paul Shaeffer can pick up Kevin Eubanks for a song.

8. Dave will finally get first dibs on those idiotic Michael Jackson jokes.

7. Dave can trade-in his Big Apple digs for a place in beautiful downtown Burbank.

6. With Jay as president, Dave's barbs on the oval office can finally be taken personally.

5. Without Jay, advertisers will flock to Dave's show.

4. Hard-to-get guests will have no choice but to appear on the Late Night Show.

3. NBC will finally suffer for their decision not to put Dave in Johnny's place.

2. Jay might actually make a pretty damn good president.

1. Once Jay's president, people will have no choice but to watch David Letterman. ...Read more!

Dems, GOP Candidates Raise $675 Million, But Still Trail Jay in Popularity

With more than a year to go before the 2008 elections, Democratic and Republican candidates have raised over $675 million in campaign contributions, yet none can claim the popularity that Jay Leno enjoys...and he hasn't even entered the race.

According to Jay Leno for President campaign chairman Howard Lester, the grassroots campaign to draft Jay Leno as a presidential candidate has raised no money at all, but interest in Jay as a candidate has never been higher. "Visits to our website have gone through the roof and we haven't spent a dime," Lester said. "Each night, tens of millions of people watch Jay on The Tonight Show awaiting his announcement that he's going to join the race. They absolutely love the idea of Jay Leno running for president. What presidential candidates out there have that kind of appeal?"

Political media experts are still baffled by the outpouring of support for drafting Jay Leno as a presidential candidate. "We know Jay's a popular entertainer," said one unidentified advisor on political advertising to the Mitt Romney campaign, "but the fact that so many people want him to run for president, too, is inexplicable. Do you know how much money we'd have to spend to build that kind of popularity? Billions."

As total campaign contributions approach the billion dollar mark among the presidential hopefuls of both parties, the contrast between the Jay Leno for President campaign and other campaigns is growing more stark. "For every dollar they raise and spend that we don't," explained Howard Lester, "they're proving just how out-of-whack our whole system of presidential elections has become."

"We've spent no money and Jay's more popular than ever. In fact, he hasn't even acknowledged our campaign to draft him. But the Democrats and Republicans will probably spend $2 billion and the best they'll be able to give us is another mediocre president. That's why so many people are joining the campaign to draft Jay Leno: Americans simply can't stomach another mediocre president." ...Read more!

Thousands Gather in New Hampshire in Anticipation of Jay's Announcement

Several thousand supporters of the Jay Leno for President campaign gathered in Manchester, New Hampshire Saturday afternoon in anticipation of the announcement millions have been waiting for since the campaign was first launched earlier this year.

As one of the first states traditionally visited by presidential candidates, New Hampshire was the logical choice for a formal declaration of Jay Leno's candidacy, if he decided to enter the race. So it was no surprise that the square in the middle of downtown Manchester filled quickly when it was learned that an announcement might be in the works.

"We really expected that Jay would use this gathering of intelligent, good-looking supporters to announce his candidacy," said Jay Leno for President campaign chairman Howard Lester. "All the media was already there after reporting on the visits to New Hampshire by other Republican and Democratic hopefuls, so we didn't have to do very much to prepare, except send out a few e-mails. What a great day for the campaign."

A series of local politicians spoke about their interest in the Jay Leno for President campaign and their desire to ride whatever coat-tails might be available. Said one unidentified state representative, "I didn't even know there was a campaign to try to draft Jay Leno as a candidate. If I had, I wouldn't have spoken so enthusiastically about Barack Obama when he was here."

Indeed, a number of local dignitaries were surprised by the large turnout. "When the first couple of hundred people set up their lawn chairs on the square, I thought something really special must be going on," remarked one local politico. "And when the crowd grew to thousands, I realized it was going to be big."

It's not clear whether Jay Leno actually knew about the Manchester crowd or whether he had planned to attend. "We figure Jay's tracking the campaign's progress on a pretty regular basis, so he'd know probably know about it." said Howard Lester. "We naturally figured he'd be there to announce his candidacy, and so did lots of other people."

When the news came late in the afternoon that Jay Leno would not be there, the Jay Leno for President campaign implemented a contingency plan they had for just such a situation. "We asked a guy who looks a lot like Jay to tell the crowd that the real Jay Leno was still in California and wouldn't be there," Lester explained. "Nobody seemed too disappointed and, after he did about ten minutes of some pretty good Jay Leno impersonations, the crowd gave him a standing ovation. Once again, Jay Leno didn't show up and it didn't bother anyone. Now that's support!"

As the highly enthusiastic crowd dispersed from the square, the popularity of the Jay Leno for President campaign appeared greater than ever. "This was amazing," said one Jay supporter, while heads nodded in agreement all around her. "We knew Jay hasn't acknowledged our campaign yet and might not show up. But that doesn't bother us. After all, it's Jay Leno! He knows what he's doing. If he doesn't announce his candidacy here in New Hampshire, we know he'll do it somewhere else. When you love Jay, things like that just don't matter."

Other Jay Leno for President rallies in several primary states are also planning for appearances by Jay, and no one appears too concerned about whether or not he'll actually attend any of them. Said one Midwest rally organizer, "We're there for Jay whether he's there or not. How many presidential candidates have ever been able to say that about their supporters?"
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Supporters to Jay: "It's Time to Announce You're Running for President!"

Thousands of e-mails to the Jay Leno for President campaign raised a new hue and cry from supporters: "It's time for Jay to announce his candidacy!"

The e-mails, mostly sent from west coast locations, appear to be part of a coordinated effort by a large group of enthusiastic campaign supporters to urge Jay Leno to declare that he's running for president. While most supporters have waited patiently for Jay to make his announcement, an increasing number are anxious to hear him declare his candidacy sooner than later.

"I think Jay's supporters are watching the Democratic and Republican candidates closely and realize the political climate is getting better and better for a Jay Leno candidacy," said Jay Leno for President campaign chairman Howard Lester. "McCain's campaign is faltering, Hillary's wasting time with some Pentagon aide, and the other candidates are continuing to bore the hell out of everyone who watches them on TV or the Internet. For many of Jay's supporters, especially those on the west coast, the time just feels right for the kind of humor and entertainment that only Jay Leno can bring to a presidential race."

Jay Leno for President campaign organizers considered forwarding the e-mails from supporters to NBC but decided against it. "We're pretty sure NBC deletes every e-mail they receive, as no one has ever gotten a response back from them, so we don't think it would do much good," said the campaign's webmaster. "Besides, the other candidates are e-mailing out so much crap we don't want our message of hope to get tossed into the 'delete bin' along with the others."

As the groundswell of support for a Jay Leno presidential bid continues, the campaign is awaiting Jay's acknowledgement of its efforts, followed by a formal announcement that he's joining the race for the White House. "We're confident he'll be tossing his hat in the ring," added Howard Lester, "it's just a matter of time. One thing we all know about Jay Leno is that he's acutely tuned-in to his audience whenever he appears in front of them. Considering the tens of millions who are gathering in the 'draft Jay Leno' audience, it's no wonder he's taking his time to prepare his announcement. And when that happens, look out America!"
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FEC Report: Jay's #1 in Least Amount Spent Second Quarter

Campaign finance reports recently filed with the Federal Election Commission by presidential candidates indicate that the Jay Leno for President campaign is still Number One in the least amount of campaign spending. The FEC report listed campaign spending for 15 major Democratic and Republican candidates during the period April-June.

Campaign Spending-2nd Quarter
(in ascending order)
Jay Leno for President Campaign: $0
Tommy Thompson: $502,330
Ron Paul: $530,592
Mike Huckabee: $702,622
Dennis Kucinich: $707,508
Duncan Hunter: $871,142
Sam Brownback: $1,800,000
Joe Biden: $2,500,000
Chris Dodd: $4,400,000
Bill Richardson: $5,000,000
John Edwards: $6,400,000
Rudy Giuliani: $11,000,000
Hillary Clinton: $12,200,000
John McCain: $13,000,000
Barack Obama: $16,000,000
Mitt Romney: $20,500,000

All told, Jay's presidential challengers spent over $96 Million during the 3-month period, with more than 75% of the total spent by the Giuliani, Clinton, McCain, Obama, and Romney campaigns alone. Meanwhile, the Jay Leno for President campaign spent nothing.

"It's hard to see where any of that money being spent by the major candidates is doing them any good," said one long-time political observer. "Nearly $100 Million spent and probably not one single voter mind has been changed. Even guys like Thompson and Paul, whose spending levels are closer to Jay's, still wasted a half-million bucks each and people still don't know who they are."

Meanwhile, Jay Leno's popularity is greater than ever as more and more Americans are getting behind the grassroots effort to draft Jay as a presidential candidate.

In fact, the dollars being spent by other candidates may actually be helping the Jay Leno for President campaign, according to campaign chairman Howard Lester. "Every time Hillary, Mitt, or Barack spend another million with absolutely no results, while Jay Leno gets more popular without spending a dime or even acknowledging the existence of this campaign, the impact on voters is pretty easy to see. They know its not about the money, it's about the character, honesty, integrity, and sense of humor the the candidate. In that arena, Jay's still on top and no amount of money spent by the other candidates is going to change that."

Staying true to its original commitment to raise consciousness, not money, the Jay Leno for President campaign continues to turn away offers of six and seven-figure campaign donations. "No amount of money raised or spent is going to change the mind of most American voters," Lester said. "But raise the consciousness about things in this country that are really important to people, then you've got something. Jay's been doing that for years on The Tonight Show. As president, he'd just be doing it to a larger audience."

Though Jay Leno has not yet declared his candidacy, grassroots supporters are anticipating an announcement some time in the next few weeks.
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Jay Leno for President Campaign Refuses to Hire McCain's Ex-Staffers

The Jay Leno for President campaign said today that it will not hire any of the key staffers who quit John McCain's presidential campaign earlier this week.

"They'll have to look for jobs elsewhere," said Jay Leno for President campaign chairman Howard Lester, "because our campaign is way too strong without them and we don't want to lose ground by bringing these people aboard." Lester was referring to McCain's campaign manager Terry Nelson, chief strategist John Weaver, and at least five other senior aids and strategists, all of whom resigned amid McCain's growing campaign woes.

"I'm sure they're all intelligent, well-meaning people," Lester continued, "but look at the sorry state of McCain's campaign and you'll know why we'd never hire them. Their sole objective of raising and spending tens of millions of dollars to push a weak candidate, like McCain, is all wrong. Frankly, it would never fit with our campaign's mission."

While building the support millions of people, the Jay Leno for President campaign has held fast to its original mission of raising and spending no money to draft Jay as a presidential candidate. To date, the campaign has not raised or spent a penny, nickel, or even a dime.

"Actually, not having any money to pay these political hot-shots who come knocking on our doors for a job has been great deterrent to their leaching onto our campaign," said Lester. "The minute they find out there's no paycheck, their feigned interest in our campaign evaporates and they're out the door so fast it'd make your head spin. We say 'good riddance' to them because our campaign to draft Jay is based on the kind of things money can't buy. Things like integrity, compassion, accountability, open-mindedness, and a great sense of humor--all of which Jay Leno has in abundance ready for an America that will have him as its president."

As John McCain's campaign sputters, and other campaigns follow suit by burning through countless millions of dollars in their vain pursuits to prop up weak candidates, there are sure to be hundreds of pink-slipped campaign staffers looking for jobs. The Jay Leno for President campaign, well-positioned to gain from every other campaign's loss, has a message for those seeking money, power, and glory from the our campaign: Not Hiring.
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Disgruntled Republicans, Democrats Flock to the Jay Leno for President Campaign

With the 2008 presidential election still sixteen months away, a growing number of Republicans and Democrats are abandoning their candidates and are flocking to the Jay Leno for President campaign. According to inside sources, rapidly-spreading dissatisfaction with the current roster of candidates is turning many party-faithful supporters into non-supporters who, in turn, are joining the grassroots campaign to draft Jay Leno as a presidential candidate.
The huge spike in support of the Jay Leno for President campaign from Republicans and Democrats was observed over the past two weeks as their visits to the campaign's website nearly overwhelmed the web-host's system. "The volume was incredible," said Jay Leno for President campaign chairman, Howard Lester, "but fortunately we'd just upgraded to five terabytes of capacity and nearly a dozen new servers at our host-site. Even then, things slowed down a tad, but we tweaked the system and, I'm glad to say, everything's back up to speed."

The Jay Leno for President campaign site was already one of the hottest Internet destinations. The exponential increase in visits from Republicans and Democrats has further confirmed the popularity of the campaign to draft Jay Leno as a presidential candidate. But, it's also confounding the experts and consultants who are advising the major candidates of both parties.

"This is something no one expected," said one political campaign consultant. "Usually, Republicans and Democrats tend to stick by their party's presidential candidates right up until the election. Attrition of this kind is sure hard to explain, but, rest assured, we're spending plenty of billable time trying to figure it out."

"Perhaps it's the message," said another prominent campaign advisor. "I suppose people could be getting tired of hearing the same old promises without any hope that they'll be fulfilled. But we're going to stick to our original game plan of inane political rhetoric and redundant half-truths. That's always worked before and it'll work again, I hope."

Political analysts have coined a new name for the phenomenon of supporter attrition: Campaign Abandonment. "It's when the party faithful abandon their candidate, whoever it might be, to align themselves with an unacknowledged candidate," explained one well-known analyst. "Since Jay Leno has not yet even declared himself a candidate, the campaign abandonment that is spreading rapidly through both parties is even more acute. Can you imagine how bad it's going to get when Jay finally announces that he's running for president?"

To date, none of the Republican or Democratic presidential hopefuls have confirmed or denied their awareness of the Jay Leno for President campaign. Visits to The Tonight Show by Barack Obama, John Edwards, Joe Biden, Fred Thompson, and others have yielded no exchanges between the candidates and Jay Leno about the possibility of his running for president. Many believe this is part of Jay's overall strategy of allowing the candidates to "sink their own ships" by talking incessantly about themselves and their own self-absorbed agendas. The strategy seems to be working. And media analysts agree that every candidate interview with Jay Leno only confirms that Jay's the one with the brains and he should be the one in the race for the White House.

Both parties are trying to stem the mass defection of supporters to the Jay Leno for President campaign by pouring more money into retaining the dwindling number of supporters who are still interested in their candidates. "Thank goodness for people who are easily swayed by flashy, meaningless messages and multi-syllabic campaign blather," said an unidentified senior staffer in Hillary Clinton's campaign. "If we can hold onto these people, and can find a way to wrestle some attention away from the Jay Leno for President campaign, I think we can rebuild some reasonable support. In the meantime, we'll just spend more money to let people know we're still here and everything is alright."

At the Jay Leno for President campaign headquarters, things are definitely upbeat. "We're pretty gratified by it all," commented chairman Howard Lester, "and we believe the enormous influx of new support for Jay from Democrats and Republicans will continue to boost his appeal as a potential candidate."

"Though he still hasn't acknowledged this campaign to draft him, we're sure he's watching this thing very closely and carefully strategizing his next move. Whether that's to announce his candidacy immediately or simply continue to build silent support by being a 'non-candidate,' we're confident Jay knows what he's doing. The great thing is, that when he finally notices what a juggernaut this campaign has become, and then makes his big announcement to America, he'll be so far ahead of the others, no one will be able to catch him. That's the day we're waiting for."
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Jay's Huge Diversity of Supporters Confirms Everyone Wants Him to Run for President

The Jay Leno for President campaign has surpassed the campaign efforts of every 2008 presidential candidate by achieving 100% diversity among its supporters. This news comes as a blow to the campaign efforts of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, John McCain, and others who are still struggling to gain the support of various ethnic, religious, and socio-economic groups around the country.

"Jay's popularity among diverse groups has been evident for years," said Jay Leno for President campaign chairman, Howard Lester. "I mean, look back at the audiences for The Tonight Show over the years and you'll see the broadest cross-section of Americans there is: Men, women, young, old, black, white, Latino, Asian, gay, straight, Canadian, blondes, short, tall, rich, poor, middle-class, working-class, retired, unemployed, happy, sad, well-informed, unaware, illegal aliens, bi-lingual, well-groomed, disheveled, fit, fat, skinny, and the '[fill-in-the-blank]-challenged' from every walk of life. And then there's all the religious and ethnic groups who come to Jay's show, too. It's crystal clear to everyone that Jay's popularity cuts across the entire range of American voters."

Other candidates must know it. Over the past several weeks, the major presidential hopefuls have been burning through millions of dollars and thousands of miles, crisscrossing the nation to meet with diverse groups of voters,desperately trying to gain their support. The media, hungry for anything to report, has shown Clinton's meeting with blacks, Obama's meeting with women, Romney's meeting with Catholics, and Edwards' meeting with bald guys. Each candidate claims to have the support of these groups, but political experts either don't see it or they don't expect the support to last.

Said one well-known network political analyst, "When people gather to hear Hillary, Barack, or Mitt speak, they're going because it's an event, something to do, not because they're actually interested in what the candidates have to say. You could line up all the candidates one after the other, and all these various groups would be happy to go, just to watch themselves in the audience on TV. Most people could care less about the message, mainly because nobody believes anything candidates say anyway."

Media experts agree. "Once they [candidates] are gone, they're quickly forgotten, and nobody remembers what they said," commented one well-know expert. "The candidates all claim full support from every group they talk to, but they generally come away with the same handful of supporters they had to begin with. It's sad that presidential candidates have to spend millions of dollars trying to gain the attention of groups that have no inherent interest in them. Maybe that's why so many people are supporting the Jay Leno for President campaign."

Interest in the Jay Leno for President campaign isn't just high, it's sky-high. "It's remarkable how many people have visited our campaign site," said chairman Lester, "and they're all crazy about drafting Jay as a presidential candidate. If the incredibly diverse demographics of our visitors is any indication, there's not one single type of voter who isn't interested in drafting Jay Leno to run for president. The other candidates may say they have widespread support, but Jay's the only one who's actually got it."

Overwhelming support notwithstanding, Jay Leno has not yet acknowledged the campaign to draft him as a presidential candidate, nor has he actually declared his intentions to run. However, that fact is of little concern to the folks at the Jay Leno for President campaign. "We know Jay knows," said one campaign staffer, "and he knows that we know. And we know that he knows that we know. So we know, and we believe he knows we know, that it's just a matter of time until he validates our efforts and declares his candidacy, you know?"

We know. ...Read more!

Obama Raises $32.5 Million, But Jay Holds the Record for Being the "Man to Beat"

Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama reported that he raised a record $32.5 million during the second quarter of the year, enough to make him the top money raiser among Democrats. Unfortunately for Obama, that record has been totally eclipsed by the Jay Leno for President campaign, which just surpassed a political milestone by becoming the first campaign in U.S. history to raise $0 for a candidate who hasn't even acknowledged he's running.

Political analysts are stunned by the Jay report. "So Obama raises thirty million bucks in three months, big deal." said one prominent analyst, "It's not big news, because every candidate is raising money. But the Jay Leno for President campaign has been going on for over five months, with millions of supporters, and it still hasn't raised a dime. That's nothing short of amazing!"

"We don't get it," commented an unidentified insider at the Barack Obama campaign. "We raise over $30 million in a quarter, $10 million more than Hillary, and yet the Jay Leno for President campaign still claims the lead. How the hell do they do it?"

Indeed, while the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates bilk, fleece, and soak tens of millions of dollars monthly from their financially sleepwalking supporters, the Jay Leno for President campaign rolls along at near-warp speed picking up new supporters at every turn without having to ask anyone for money.

"Our whole plan from the very beginning has been to raise consciousness, not money," said Jay Leno for President campaign chairman, Howard Lester. "Think about why other candidates have to raise so much money. They do it to package, market, and sell political ideas and personal agendas that are inherently disagreeable to most American voters. People would pay absolutely no attention to these candidates without their onslaught of distasteful campaign ads, meaningless mailings, grass-choking yard-signs, and media circus acts. By the time the election finally rolls around, voters are completely worn out by the hundreds of millions of dollars uselessly spent trying to curry their favor. In the end, people are so fed up with the whole campaign, they generally vote for the 'least worst' candidate just to get it over with."

"Compare that scenario to the Jay Leno for President campaign," chairman Lester continues. "People already love and support Jay Leno. Tens of millions invite The Tonight Show into their lives every night, just to hear what Jay has to say. There are no pretense or hidden agendas in Jay's monologues or celebrity interviews, nothing that's disagreeable or unintended. What you watch is what you get: Honest, true, hard-hitting, funny, and genuine. Who needs to spend millions to re-package that? Jay's message is alright as is. That's why we don't have to raise or spend any money in the Jay Leno for President campaign. How could money, any amount of money, make Jay Leno any more likeable to the American people than he already is? That's why Jay would make the perfect presidential candidate and that's why we need to draft him as soon as possible."

Most media observers remain baffled by the success of the Jay Leno for President campaign. With no money raised or spent, the campaign has ended up on the tip of the collective American tongue more often and with greater approbation than the campaigns of all the Republican and Democratic candidates combined. Regardless how much money presidential hopefuls toss into the political fires trying to burn their messages into the public's consciousness, the Jay Leno for President campaign, and the simple hope it offers to America, has found a way to keep Jay first in the minds and hearts of his countrymen.

The next step is for Jay to accept the draft and declare is candidacy for president. Stay tuned.
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If Applause Equals Political Popularity, Jay is America's Favorite

The biggest news from the Democratic candidates' forum at Howard University Thursday night was not the standing ovation Hillary Clinton got while her seven opponents watched with demoralized envy. The biggest news was that Jay Leno, who wasn't even at the debate, received a louder, more sustained standing ovation at The Tonight Show than the entire audience at Howard U. could muster for all their candidates put together.

A comparison of applause meters from Howard University and The Tonight Show indicate that Jay's ovation on Thursday's show was at least twice as loud as that heard at the Democrats' forum. "What's astounding," said one well-known sound engineer, "is that the measurement at Jay's show was taken when he walked onto stage, before he even said anything, and Jay's audience was one-fourth the size of that at Howard University. The measurement at the Democratic debate, by the way, was taken after Hillary Clinton's big remarks about women and AIDS."

As the media and political analysts try to gauge the popularity of candidates by ovation decibel levels (obviously, they've got very little else to go on), they need to take a closer look at the Jay Leno for President campaign. Jay not only gets greater applause on a more frequent basis than any presidential candidate, but he has consistently received such ovations at The Tonight Show for the past 15 years! Most presidential candidates have to seed their audiences with their own die hard supporters just to get any applause at all, and then it's only for a few months during the race.

And let's not forget about laughs. In that arena, Jay's been the hands-down favorite of Americans for years. While Hillary, Obama, Biden, and Edwards struggle with their feeble attempts at humor to keep their audiences from nodding off or walking out, Jay is busy "high-fiving" his audience members who swarm his stage in admiration, adoration, and eager anticipation of Jay's side-splitting monologues.

Said one impartial media observer, "Even on an 'off-night', Jay's worst-flopping joke still gets him a bigger laugh than anything the Republicans or Democrats have ever been able to come up with. It's clear, Jay's wit, wisdom, and ability to make people laugh is unrivaled in today's political landscape. I don't think there's a candidate out there who can touch him."

So if popularity and the perceived ability to lead this nation are being measured by applause levels and audience response, and most people believe it is, then Jay Leno is the obvious choice for America. We need to draft him as our presidential candidate right now. It's time for Jay to acknowledge the Jay Leno for President campaign and boldly declare his candidacy for president.

In the meantime, keep up the cheers for Jay!
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Campaign Intensifies to Draft Jay Leno as Presidential Candidate

[From a recently published national news story]

The campaign to draft Tonight Show host, Jay Leno, as a presidential candidate has intensified as fans and supporters have flooded the campaign's website,, to urge the popular comedian into the race for president.

Though Leno has not yet declared his candidacy, the huge number of hits received at the website indicates strong support for a Leno presidential bid. Grassroots supporters are anticipating an announcement by Jay Leno some time in the next few weeks.

Jay Leno for President campaign chairman, Howard Lester, said the idea to draft Jay Leno came from the Pat Paulsen for President campaign of the late 1960's. "The similarity between then and now is remarkable," Lester said. "There's an unpopular war going on with an unpopular president in office; there's increasing polarization within and between the political parties; and there's a lot of unrest among young people, though nowadays it's being voiced on-line instead of in protest marches."

"Pat Paulsen's campaign provided comic relief in that pressure-filled race of deadly serious issues and candidates. Though few took him seriously, Paulsen's humor and wit throughout the presidential campaign helped Americans laugh at a time when there was very little to laugh about. We're confident that Jay Leno can bring that same kind of comic relief to the 2008 campaign by becoming a candidate himself, just like Pat Paulsen did forty years ago."

The Jay Leno for President campaign website was launched in late February and its popularity has skyrocketed as the race for president heats up among Republican and Democratic candidates. The website bears few similarities to other candidates' websites. A major difference is that the campaign has declared itself "donation-less." To date, it has not raised or spent one penny on its grassroots efforts to draft Leno as a candidate.

"Our goal is to raise consciousness, not money," added campaign chairman Lester. "It's ridiculous how much money is wasted on presidential campaigns. If we can't draft Jay Leno as a bona fide candidate for president by word-of-mouth and millions of website visits, no amount of money is going to do it for us."

To date, none of the major presidential candidates who've appeared on The Tonight Show have mentioned the Jay Leno for President campaign. Leno himself has not spoken about the campaign publicly, though many supporters believe it's just a matter of time until he formally acknowledges it. "Support is too strong," Lester said, "and the need for Jay as a candidate is too important for him to wait much longer."

The Jay Leno for President campaign is on-line at

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Edwards' Appearance Boosts Jay's Appeal

The appearance of John and Elizabeth Edwards on Monday's Tonight Show didn't do much for laughs, but it sure boosted Jay's appeal as a potential presidential candidate. The stark differences between John Edwards and Jay Leno were impossible to miss and left most viewers thankful for the Jay Leno for President campaign. It seems that the worse other candidates look on his show, the better Jay looks as a candidate.

One young voting age viewer reacted this way: "It was like, oh my God, I mean, this guy John Edwards is like so boring. That pasted-on smile and $400 hairdo, and, like, Jay's trying to lighten things up and it's like Edwards doesn't get it. So, Edwards is like, 'Iraq, blah, blah...the Republicans, blah, blah...George Bush, blah, blah, blah....' Geez, it made me want to gag. It's like, he didn't say anything new or important. It just sounded one big political ad. But Jay was great as usual, but like I could see him struggle for laughs. I mean, how can you joke with a guy like Edwards who acts like one of those animitronic robots at Disney World. Elizabeth Edwards, yeah, she was okay, but she could have soooo left John at home. What a waste of a good Tonight Show [sigh]."

For as qualified as any of the Republican or Democratic presidential candidates may be, when they appear on The Tonight Show, it's easy to see that Jay's the one with the brains. It shows every time Jay deftly maneuvers through these difficult interviews to uncover some small shred of humor buried deep within the politically-plasticized personas of the candidates. Jay's innate talent and ability for interviewing such flat and laugh-deprived guests as John Edwards proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Jay Leno has what it takes to be a truly great president.

The very fact that Jay was able to wring more laughs out of Elizabeth Edwards' discussion about cancer than John was able to get with his lame attempt at levity talking about Wendy's for their anniversary, is proof-positive that Jay is a much better choice for America than Edwards or any other somnambulant candidate.

So, Jay's strategy of bringing presidential candidates to The Tonight Show continues to work brilliantly. "Compared to any of the candidates running for president, Jay looks great," said Jay Leno for President campaign chairman Howard Lester. "Put Jay on the same stage or in a discussion with any of them and it's crystal clear Jay would make the better president. Can you imagine how incredible Jay's going to look as a candidate whenever he finally declares he's running? It'll be fantastic! Now, if someone will just tell him about the campaign."

In a related story, internet traffic monitors indicate a huge, server-straining influx of visitors to the Jay Leno for President website during the first thirty seconds of Jay's interview with the Edwards' Monday evening. Experts agree that at least 90% of Tonight Show viewers, desperately seeking a laugh and finding none at Letterman or Nightline, turned to the only place they knew they'd find one,

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Did Jay "Face the Nation" (with Bob Shieffer)?

Jay Leno for President campaign supporters are awaiting word from CBS about a rumored appearance by Jay on the popular Sunday morning news program, "Face the Nation." A cellphone picture, taken on the Washington set of "Face the Nation" was sent to campaign headquarters by an anonymous supporter, and clearly shows Jay chatting amiably with Bob Shieffer.According to Jay Leno for President chairman, Howard Lester, Jay's alleged appearance on "Face the Nation" could have been to announce his candidacy. But, for an unknown reason, the segment with Jay never aired. "All I can think happened," said Lester, "is that CBS somehow pulled the interview with Jay at the last moment. My guess is that they [CBS] may be considering running some comedian from their own network in the 2008 presidential race and didn't want an announcement by Jay to complicate things. In any case, they didn't have Jay on last Sunday morning, so I guess we'll never know."

The possibility that Jay may not have appeared on "Face the Nation" did little to dampen the enthusiasm among his growing hoard of grassroots supporters. One smiling grassrooter from Spokane, Washington, summed up the overall mood in the campaign by saying, "It would have been nice for Jay to announce he's running on 'Face the Nation,' especially since Bob Shieffer seems so friendly. But no one ever said drafting Jay Leno to run for president was going to be easy. And, besides, he'll probably want to declare his candidacy on NBC."

Indeed, many political analysts, who are paying close attention to the Jay Leno for President campaign, agree that the rumors on Jay's appearance on "Face the Nation" can only strengthen his position. "Once again, Jay's proven he knows what he's doing," commented one political analyst. "While everyone waits for him to throw his hat into the ring, his shrewd political strategy of making them wait is going to result in an exponential surge in his popularity as a prospective presidential candidate."

Many within the Jay Leno for President campaign believe he'll make the actual announcement that he's running on The Tonight Show. "Even though he has not acknowledged the campaign to this point, we do expect it soon, "said campaign chairman Lester. "And, if he's going to appear on anyone's Sunday morning news show first, it'll probably be "Meet the Press" with Tim Russert. Tim's been on Jay's show before and appeared to have fun. What better way for Jay to reciprocate than to confirm he's running for president on 'Meet the Press'?"

As huge numbers of people continue to visit the Jay Leno for President campaign website to offer their support, we'll continue to track Jay's public statements to make sure his fans and supporters are the first to know the minute he formally declares his candidacy for the 2008 presidential race.
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