Join the Campaign to Draft Jay Leno as a Presidential Candidate!
Jay Leno would make a much better president than any Democratic or Republican candidate. That's why millions have joined the grassroots campaign to draft Jay as a presidential candidate.

Jay’s got what no other candidate can offer, the ability to make people laugh. His humor and insights on important issues show that Jay has the understanding, intelligence, and compassion to help Americans feel great about their country and themselves.

So join us and help draft Jay
Leno as our presidential candidate.

Stock Market Jumps After News of Jay Leno Campaign

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose sharply after the Jay Leno for President campaign reported that it was saving its supporters $4600 each.

The momentary spike in stock prices that occurred late Tuesday morning was initially attributed to favorable news from the Federal Reserve. But upon further analysis, it was discovered that the markets were instead reacting to an article posted at the Jay Leno for President website.

"We knew millions of people were visiting our site and becoming supporters of the campaign to draft Jay as a presidential candidate," said Jay Leno for President campaign chairman Howard Lester, "but no one expected that one article could impact the stock market so favorably. I guess it makes sense that people would be taking the money our campaign is saving them and investing it in the stock market. All in all, it's another boost for our campaign."

Stock market experts were quick to see the connection between the article and the sharp rise in stock prices. Said one prominent market watcher, "It's easy to see how that article influenced the stock market. It talked about how the Jay Leno for President campaign is saving every supporter $4600 because it's a donation-less campaign. So, instead of wasting that money on a meaningless presidential campaign, those same people have it on-hand to invest in the stock market."

Tuesday's jump in stock prices marks the first time in history that the stock market has responded to news about an undeclared presidential candidate. "We're pretty impressed," said campaign chairman Lester. "Jay hasn't even acknowledged that there's an effort to draft him, yet the financial markets are incredibly sensitive to everything coming out of the Jay Leno for President campaign. It just goes to show how popular the man is with American voters and it speaks well to his chances of actually being elected president."

Presidential candidates from both parties have remained silent on the issue of the Jay Leno for President campaign, though most political analysts view their silence as proof that they're very concerned. "Can you imagine how worried they all are about Jay Leno?" said one unidentified commentator. "Here's a guy who shakes the stock market with a simple article on the internet and he hasn't even declared he's running. America's never seen a non-candidate with that kind of influence. So, yes, the others running for president are worried, very worried."

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